Resident Specialist Recruitment

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Resident Specialists (RS) are responsible for the direct safety and security of incarcerated youth and play an integral role in aiding them in acquiring the skills needed to increase opportunities for more successful and productive lives upon release from direct care.

To begin employment, RS candidates who pass initial screening criteria must successfully complete the following before beginning employment:

  1. An interview;
  2. Physical agility testing;
  3. A medical evaluation;
  4. Drug screening;
  5. A reference check;
  6. A criminal history record check;
  7. Fingerprint checks with the Virginia State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI);
  8. A central registry check with Child Protective Services; and
  9. A driving record check if applicable to the individual’s job duties.

Resident Specialist hiring events occur on an on-going basis, with new hire “classes” starting four times per year. New Resident Specialists undergo an intensive, skill-building, 10-week training program before working within the institution.

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