How To Request Information

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request – A request for any public record such as handwritten notes, electronic files, typewritten documents, video and audio tapes, emails, or any other written or recorded media.

Juvenile Records – A request for records of an individual who is or has been before the juvenile and domestic relations court; is receiving or has received services from a court service unit; is or has been supervised by a court service unit; or is committed or has been committed to DJJ.

Data and Research

  1. Human Subjects Research: A request for permission to conduct research or evaluations which involve interactions with any individuals under DJJ’s care, custody, or supervision; a member of the family of such an individual; or an employee of the Department (includes programs and facilities regulated by the Board of Juvenile Justice if they do not have their own review procedures).
  2. Case-Specific Data: A request for data that provides comprehensive information about individuals within a group.
  3. Aggregate Data: A request for data which relate to broad classes, groups, or categories, so that it is not possible to distinguish the properties of individuals within those classes, groups, or categories. To request aggregate data, complete this form.

Media Request – Requests for information from members of the working news media.