Welcome to DJJ’s Data Resource Guide (DRG) Dashboards

The DRG Dashboards supplement the annually published DJJ Data Resource Guide. The DRG Dashboards enable users to interact with data published in the DRG and explore some historical data. While not all of the DRG data is on the Dashboards, DJJ intends to add more user-friendly charts and graphs each year.

Data can be filtered by selecting a region, CSU, or locality FIPS code. When selecting a region from the dropdown box, only the CSUs and FIPS associated with that region will be displayed in the respective drop down lists.

The data reflected in the DRG Dashboards are current as of October 19, 2023. Changes after this date are not reflected in the dashboards. Data may not be comparable to other reports due to different dates of data download or different methodologies.

Commonly Used Terms, Acronyms, and Abbreviations used in the DRG and the Dashboard can be found here.

CSUs and FIPS codes can be found here.