The Bureau of Investigative Operation’s overall responsibility is to protect and preserve the integrity of the department. The Bureau’s mission is preventing, detecting and exposing criminal activity, gang related activity, corruption, serious misconduct, sexual misconduct and mismanagement in relation to DJJ operations. The Bureau of Investigative Operations is responsible for assigning or conducting administrative, criminal, gang related, human resources and Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) investigations regarding incidents that are reported or referred to the Bureau. When required by law, or as otherwise appropriate to the circumstances, the Bureau consults with the Virginia State Police (VSP), local law enforcement, respective Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Offices and/or the Office of the State Inspector General (OSIG) for guidance and resources. We also cooperate with local, state and federal agencies that are investigating criminal law violations and allegations of employee misconduct. The Bureau’s responsibilities include:

  • Handling investigations regarding allegations against staff to include administrative, procedural, and criminal law violations.
  • Preserving Evidence in Accordance with Law Enforcement Procedures.
  • Managing the process of gang validation, field and institutional.
  • Assessing the juvenile correctional center populations and advising security staff of potential issues / gang related issues.
  • Serving as community liaison between JCC and Court Service Units.
  • Investigating resident-on-resident assaults and disturbances to determine if they are gang-related.
  • Investigating resident-on-resident, resident-on-staff and staff-on-resident violations or alleged violations of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).
  • Facilitating the Gang Intervention Specialist and other Gang Prevention and Intervention programming within the JCC, CSU’s and in the community.
  • Reduce Gang Recruitments, Memberships and separate youth from gangs.