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Service Dog Handler

The Post-Secondary Program provides quality learning opportunities designed to prepare our residents for particular fields of study that require rigorous mastery of both academic and technical skills needed for today’s workforce. We provide on-site training programs that help grow our residents toward achieving the following:

  • Build leadership skills required to be an effective employee
  • Acquire skills and abilities for use on the job
  • Receive certificates, certifications and/ or Industry Credentials & Certifications
  • Receive college credits

Courses / Offerings

National Retail Certification

National Professional Certification in Customer Service is an industry-driven and endorsed credential that helps employers distinguish and recognize qualified customer service professionals, and help define career advancement opportunities for candidates. By earning the professional certification in customer service, candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in work areas that employer’s value, and exhibit commitment to professional growth (100 hours of classes).

National ServSafe Certification and Culinary Cook Training

The program blends the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Managers learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. All content and materials are based on actual job tasks identified by food service industry experts (100 hours of classes).

Financial Literacy

Lays the foundation for residents to understand how businesses work and what it takes to achieve the financial stability necessary to pursue a start-up venture. The course uses Darden’s case method of teaching, which means residents won’t be sitting listening to lectures but instead reading problem-based case studies, analyzing them and preparing and discussing solutions.

Veterinary Assistant

Prepares the resident for a career working as a veterinary assistant in a veterinary office, animal hospital, zoo, laboratory, or other environment that requires animal science training. The course includes training and education in medical terminology, office procedures, animal breed identification and production management, anatomy, veterinary assistant procedures and duties, clinical skills, and ethical and legal considerations (64 hours of classes).

Microsoft Office Specialist

After successful completion of this course, the resident will be able to use features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. To qualify for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Bundle Certification, candidates must pass four of the following exams in the Microsoft Office 2013 application suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (48 hours of classes).

Fiber Optics and Cabling

These courses provide residents real-world vocational training through an integrated program with practical skills and hands on experience as its guiding principle and focus. This opportunity includes providing broad access to individuals who seek the opportunity to become certified in the high technology and telecommunications through initiatives with organizations dedicated to placing qualified individuals in the workforce (200 hours of class).

Service Dog Handler

The course is delivered in two sections. Section one teaches procedures for canine feeding, grooming, daily health checks, common zoonotic diseases and life cycle of parasitic invasion, treatment and prevention and the daily cleaning and sanitation of the kennel runs and facility. Residents are instructed on characteristics of common canine injuries, first aid treatments, kennel safety and canine transportation. Section two is the foundation of animal training and focuses on Principles of Operant and Classical Conditioning. This section teaches the resident t pairing of unconditioned and conditioned stimuli, positive and negative reinforcements, behavior modification and shaping, reward schedules, extinction, discrimination and generalization (100 hours of classes).

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