Chief Deputy Director

Quality Assurance Unit

DJJ's Quality Assurance Unit

The Chief Deputy Director assists the Director with implementation of initiatives, reforms and policies that are designed to improve the lives of court-involved youth and move the agency forward. The Chief Deputy directly supervises the Investigative Unit, Quality Assurance Unit, Interstate Compact Unit, and the Public Information Office. The Chief Deputy may also oversee cross-functional agencywide issues and take on day-to-day tasks to enable the Director to focus on the agency’s vision and carry out strategic organizational initiatives.

Investigative Unit

The Investigative Unit protects and preserves the integrity of the department by preventing, detecting and exposing criminal activity, gang-related activity, corruption, serious misconduct, sexual misconduct and mismanagement in relation to DJJ operations. We handle investigations regarding allegations against staff and we advise security staff at Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center of potential gang issues. We also serve as community liaison between Bon Air and our Court Service Units, investigating resident-on-resident assaults and disturbances to determine if they are gang-related.

When required by law, we consult with the Virginia State Police, local law enforcement, Commonwealth’s Attorney’s offices and/or the Office of the State Inspector General for guidance and resources. We also cooperate with local, state and federal agencies that are investigating criminal law violations and allegations of employee misconduct.

Quality Assurance Unit

The unit combines system accountability and monitoring of evidence-based practices to ensure continuous quality improvement of a statewide system of evidence-informed services and programs to improve outcomes for youth offenders placed in the juvenile correctional center, alternative placements, and community-based services, and to reduce recidivism. Our team consists of six professionals with diverse backgrounds in juvenile justice who are committed to excellence and engaging all DJJ stakeholders.

Interstate Compact Unit

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles is established to fulfill the objectives of the Compact, through means of joint cooperative action among the Compacting states to promote, develop and facilitate a uniform standard that provides for the welfare and protection of juveniles, victims and the public by governing the Compacting states’ transfer of supervision of juveniles, temporary travel of defined offenders and return of juveniles who have absconded, escaped, fled to avoid prosecution or run away.

Public Information Office

As a public agency, DJJ has a responsibility to communicate clearly and transparently with all its stakeholders. The public information officer (PIO) ensures that crucial, up-to-date information is readily available on the agency’s website, its Facebook page, and through the issuance of press releases. The PIO handles all media inquiries and also issues five agency newsletters, all available online, that spotlight agency programs.