Certification Team
Certification Team

The Certification Unit monitors the compliance of residential facilities and court service units with standards promulgated by the Board of Juvenile Justice that regulate their safe and effective operation. The legal basis for the Unit is in the Code of Virginia § 16.1-309.10 which provides that the Board of Juvenile Justice or its agents may visit, inspect and regulate any detention home, group home or other residential care facility for children who are in need of services, delinquent, or alleged delinquent.

The Certification Unit conducts formal audits and monitoring visits on 40 residential facilities across the Commonwealth of Virginia. These residential facilities include Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center, 24 detention centers, and 15 community youth homes.

In addition to the residential facilities, the Certification Unit audits 32 Court Service Units. The Unit also maintains a 24-hour on-call for local programs to call and report major incidents.

Responsibilities of the Certification Unit include:

  • Certification audits
  • Monitoring visits
  • Complaint inquiries
  • Technical assistance
  • Special assignments
  • Training
  • Maintain a 24/7 on-call schedule for the reporting of major incidents in local programs