Training and Organizational Development


Our team of experienced instructors and subject matter experts is responsible for the training and skill development of DJJ employees, including regulatory and agency training requirements. We are building DJJ’s future by investing in today’s employee, providing professional, innovative, and data-driven approaches to the challenges of the 2020s.

Community Programs

This team focuses primarily on the training needs of our Court Service Units throughout the Commonwealth. They provide foundational training, advanced skill building, and professional expertise to our caseworkers and other staff to help meet the needs of our youth and families in the community. They possess a wide range of subject matter expertise, certifications, and credentials to bring the best service possible to our Community Programs division and others. E-mail:

Organizational Development

Through consultation, facilitation, instruction, and the application of the latest technology, this team supports the organizational growth of our department by building leaders, bringing people together, and aligning the goals of our various work units. This team also includes our registrar, record keeping functions, and media production staff. E-mail:

Residential Programs

This team is committed to meeting the training needs of our Residential division, which includes the regulatory requirements for pre-service training of direct care staff, as well as the annual retraining requirements as defined in the Code of Virginia. They also provide advanced skills training, first-aid/CPR, and emergency preparedness and response preparation. They serve as a new employee’s introduction to the agency’s therapeutic Community Treatment Model. E-mail:

Virginia Public Safety Training Center

The VPSTC is a multi-agency, cooperative training facility that is operated by the Department of Juvenile Justice. It is located in Hanover County and is the home to DJJ’s Training and Organizational Development Unit, the Virginia Fire Safety Training operation, the magistrate training team of the Supreme Court of Virginia, two units of the Virginia National Guard, and various other state-level training efforts.

The VPSTC offers the latest in training technology, innovation, and teamwork to prepare Virginia’s first responders to be at their best when it matters the most.

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