Curriculum and Instruction

RS II Congratulates Graduate

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction supports teaching and learning by providing leadership and oversight in managing instructional programs, implementing appropriate and relevant curriculum, integrating technology and digital resources, creating a student-centered learning environment, and providing professional development opportunities.

Blended Learning In A Blended Environment

Yvonne B. Miller High School has adopted a personalized learning approach to teaching our students. Each student is provided an instructional plan tailored to his unique experiences, needs, and educational goals. This “student-centric” model, which combines in-person and online learning, encourages students to actively participate in the planning and learning process, identify their learning challenges, problem-solve and advocate for their own needs.


Yvonne B. Miller High School uses the Edgenuity online learning platform to deliver all core content courses and selected elective and career and technical (CTE) courses. Edgenuity is designed to keep students engaged and learning at their own pace. It tracks students’ progress in real time, which allows teachers to read patterns of data and respond in a timely manner with strategies and interventions when students are faced with challenges.

Daily Schedule

Below is a sample of a typical daily schedule:

School schedule chart

High School Graduation

Graduation is one of the most memorable moments for our students and families at Yvonne B. Miller High School. We truly honor our students for their commitment to such a huge accomplishment even when faced with challenges or barriers. We admire our students for their hard work and determination, and we are proud to support them through their journey!