health services

Health Services is comprised of the medical, nursing, and behavioral services units. These units work together to ensure comprehensive care for residents within Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center (JCC). Our work begins when residents arrive at Bon Air JCC.

Medical Unit

We assume medical responsibility for our residents the day they arrive, and ensure that they receive community standard of care throughout their stay with us. New residents are given comprehensive medical, dental, and psychological evaluations. During their stay, we provide all the medical care that you would normally expect from your family physician. The unit consists of one full-time MD, one nurse practitioner, and one full-time dentist. We contract with a psychiatrist who along with our nurse practitioner provides psychiatric assessment and care. When residents need specialist level care, we work with local providers to ensure that the appropriate offsite care is provided. At discharge, we provide a minimum of 45 days’ worth of all medications a resident is currently taking to ensure that discharge does not adversely affect a resident’s health.

Health Services

Nursing Unit

In Bon Air JCC nursing care is provided through licensed RNs and LPNs working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nurses are an integral part of the multidisciplinary teamwork at Bon Air JCC.

Nurses are responsible for:

  • Seeing residents in scheduled clinics and for emergency and urgent care
  • Providing health education to residents
  • Triaging residents for acute and chronic conditions
  • Consulting with medical providers regularly regarding the care of the residents
  • Coordinating and assisting the providers with medical, dental, and psychiatric clinics 3-5 days a week
  • Holding a nurse-run clinic (sick call) seven days a week
  • Providing medications as ordered by the physicians, dentist and nurse practitioner

Behavioral Services Unit

The Behavioral Service Unit (BSU) is composed of clinical treatment staff with a minimum of master’s level of training in social work, psychology, and counseling. The BSU is responsible for:

  • Providing mental health, aggression management, sex offender, and substance abuse treatment services both individually and in group settings
  • Implementing clinical treatment programs that are evidence-based or informed
  • Providing family therapy to residents and their families
  • Providing psychological evaluations of residents
  • Developing treatment plans in accordance with residents’ needs
  • Conducting assessments to determine residents' existing mental health needs and exit risk assessment evaluations to aid in determining transition needs relative to a successful reentry to the community