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Vaccinate Virginia Project: How to Participate in Adjunct Emergency Workforce (AEW)

At the order of Governor Northam through Executive Order 42, the Adjunct Emergency Workforce (AEW) was reactivated March 8 so that eligible employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia can assist with vaccination clinics throughout the state in an effort to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The AEW was established in 2007 during Governor Kaine's administration to support state response and recovery activities during declared emergencies. State employees whose jobs normally don't require their presence during emergencies can volunteer to be temporarily reassigned to help during an emergency.

Vaccinate Virginia

Given the incredible response of DJJ's amazing professionals during the pandemic, I have no doubt that many will step forward for the greater good to volunteer to help. This note is to provide you with some preliminary information about who is eligible, how employees can volunteer, where you'll be able to find answers to questions that will arise. While there may be exceptions to these guidelines at the discretion of each agency, state employees will be eligible to participate in the AEW if they:

  • Have been designated as non-essential by their agencies.
  • Have received agency and supervisor/manager formal approval to participate in the AEW, and
  • Are full-time employees in the Executive Branch.

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AEW Jobs & Descriptions

Eligible employees can register for the AEW in EmployeeDirect. AEW participants will be required to complete training to qualify them to perform AEW roles. The state is in the process of identifying 13 locations for clinics that will each require 157 employees. They may be requested to work shifts up to 12 hours per day for a period of up to two weeks at any location across Virginia depending on the needs of the emergency. The clinics are scheduled to begin later this spring. As the AEW expands in the future, other types of emergency roles may be available and eligibility for AEW may be expanded. Employees without access to EmployeeDirect may have opportunities to register and participate in an expanded AEW program in the future.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact your supervisor to determine eligibility.

We will provide key information about the current Governor's order on this page as we learn it, including answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question about the program not answered here, please submit it to, and we will get it and a response to our webmaster for posting. We will do our best to update it at least once a day.

We are DJJ strong, and we now have an opportunity to help make our entire Commonwealth even stronger.

-- Valerie Boykin, DJJ Director

Suggestions submitted by participants of the 4/15/20 Manager's Meeting - click here for document

  • Seek out information from reliable sources such as VDH, VDEM, CDC, CommonHealth, etc.
  • Regular check-ins with leadership & staff. Being transparent. Letting staff know that you care and that you are being flexible with them to the degree possible.
  • View the changes as an opportunity to focus on other aspects of your job.
  • Take time for self care.
  • Take a day off. Use personal or annual leave to spend a day doing something for you!
  • Maintaining contact with fellow employees at other locations.
  • Maintaining a routine as much as possible.
  • Find creative ways to schedule some fun with staff.
  • Take walks with your family around your neighborhood.
  • Consider alternative options when problem solving during working hours.
  • Open your windows and enjoy the spring weather and sunshine. Get outside to walk or run when possible.
  • Practice daily gratitude. Name all the good things you are for.
  • Facetime or video chat with friends and family to maintain a connection.

Suggestions submitted by participants of the 4/15/20 Manager's Meeting - click here for document

  • Have the DJJ Forum recognize employees for service and accomplishments during this week with a daily highlight (spotlight) with respect to the employees to be recognize. Additionally, have the DJJ Director provide a special message recognizing this week and the employees of this Department.
  • Plan games during virtual meetining. Trivia games lend themselves to remote forums. Answers to questions could be the names of employees. e.g. Which member of the Executive Team won a Twist Dance Contest at a VJJA Conference?
  • Build a kudos wall via google to celebrate all the good work happening.
  • Email kudos/shout out to staff members or various units, highlighting/recognizing their work.This gets rather competitive between the unit supervisors and it's been a lot of fun in previous years. Everyone wants to "top" the others recognition.
  • Some type of fun physical activity or game via video that people could do at the same time from home (anything that could give people a designated/fun break in their work day).
  • Encourage staff, especially those at Bon Air and on the "front lines," to submit photos on the Google Drive we've set up. These photos can then be published in a special PSW DJJ Forum newsletter, which will be distributed throughout DJJ.
  • Virtual Tootle / Kudos Board
  • Submit video greetings/shout outs that could be compiled into a DJJ highlight reel!
  • Online Competition Using a Virtual Game Format
  • Highlight staff who have 30 plus years of service
  • Plan a picture scavenger hunt that individuals could do around their neighborhood and submit pictures as the answer to the clues.
  • I suggest supervisors write a brief thank you note to all of the people who report to them, saying Happy Public Service Week and pointing out one example of something they do/contribution to our department. It's general and specific to the person, too.
  • Certificates of accomplishments
  • Write Thank You notes! I asked staff to write thank you notes last year and it was well-received. I think it would be special for supervisors to do that for their staff.
  • Handwritten notes is a lost art and getting one is always nice.
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>Social Distancing for Bon Air Residents
Social Distancing for Bon Air Staff
Help Slow the Spread Poster


questions & Answers

An agency can determine that "essential" staff may be able to participate in AEW. The determination of "essential" could depend on agency needs at a particular point in time.

If a disciplinary issue occurs while participating in AEW, the VEST agency (at this time, VDEM or DSS) will need to contact the home agency supervisor to discuss the situation and issue.

No, you don't have to accept the assignment. We understand that circumstances can change for an employee over time and you may not be able to participate in a particular assignment due to work or personal needs.

Minimum commitment to volunteer is two weeks, but opportunities for up to four months could be available. Please talk with your immediate supervisor to find out which scenario fits you best.

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