Director's Message -- June 17, 2021

As summer approaches, Gov. Northam has lifted a number of the pandemic restrictions we have all had to live with over the past year. Relief appears to be in sight as case numbers drop, and the "normalcy" we have all yearned for seems closer. But with different strains of COVID-19 starting to make the rounds among many people still hesitant to get vaccinated, we cannot let our guard down.

We as an agency are doing our part to educate our employees about vaccinations, their side effects, and the major positive role they are playing in reducing the number of cases, both in Virginia and around the nation. I wish to share with you the information we are sharing with our employees, as well as my wishes for a healthy, happy summer season.

Valerie Boykin, Director
Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice

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DJJ Family Engagement

We know that having your child involved in the juvenile justice system is probably stressful and difficult for you and them. During their time under our supervision or custody we want you to know that DJJ is committed to fostering consistent communication between you, your child, and DJJ staff. This communication and partnership is vital to getting your young person back on the right track and on with their life.

We want to be a resource for you during this challenging time, and support your efforts to continue to serve as a resource for your child, whether they are still at home or placed elsewhere. Clicking on the links below will help you understand more about our system and expectations, and give you more tools to help you through this process.

DJJ Resources

The more we know about the youth we serve, the more effective we can be in providing services and support that will make them successful. DJJ’s Legislative and Research Department designs and coordinates a wide variety of reports, executed via an exhaustive examination of available data and a thorough review of the most up-to-date literature and best practices in the juvenile justice field.

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